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We are very confident in our products and services. We provide a fast, reliable and comprehensive service and believe that you will be completely satisfied. We have a 99.99% Uptime Rate!

cPanel Control Panel

Our cPanel hosting allows your websites to load faster & handle more traffic. Faster websites increase search engine rankings, page views, customer satisfaction & conversions.

WordPress Optimized

our servers are optimized for WordPress, along with tons of other software. We provide web hosting services to thousands of WordPress websites and we'd love for yours to be next!

Boost your website with our Powerful SSD Hosting

Speed. We know you like it

We provide SSD Shared Hosting services that can be matched to fit your needs. Our packages have been designed to provide you with the Quality, Speed, Stability and Security you need to keep your sites running smoothly. We do not oversell and make empty promises. This allows us to provide a solid platform that will provide you and your site visitors with a high level of service. Our clients are our number one priority. We’ll do anything we possibly can to make sure your happy with our service. We constantly monitor our servers 24/7 to be sure our services are stable and functioning normally. We supply you with Premium Bandwidth, RAID-10 protected SSD Disk Space, Unlimited cPanel features and 24/7 support.


Find A Plan That's Right For You

From blogs to business websites and everything in between, we can host just about anything. Choose a web hosting plan that fits your needs.

    • Standard

    • $1.50/month

      • 4 GB Pure SSD Storage
      • 150 GB Bandwidth
      • LiteSpeed Web Server
      • MariaDB Database Server
      • Host a single Website
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    • Professional

    • $4/month

      • 8 GB Pure SSD Storage
      • Unlimited Bandwidth
      • LiteSpeed Web Server
      • MariaDB Database Server
      • Host UnlimitedWebsites
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    • Business

    • $6/month

      • 12 GB Pure SSD Storage
      • Unlimited Bandwidth
      • LiteSpeed Web Server
      • MariaDB Database Server
      • Host Unlimited Websites
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    • Extended

    • $8/month

      • 16 GB Pure SSD Storage
      • Unlimited Bandwidth
      • LiteSpeed Web Server
      • MariaDB Database Server
      • Host Unlimited Websites
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Affordable, Fully Optimize SSD Web Hosting for Bloggers, Designers, Developers and Entrepreneurs by Genius Host.

Solid-State Drive Storage

All our servers are equipped with Enterprise Grade SSD drives. Your website load up to 300% faster on our SSDs.

LiteSpeed Web Server

LiteSpeed web server is up to 9 times faster than Apache web server. It increases performance of PHP by 50% and SSL by 3 times.

MariaDB Database Server

MariaDB is a MySQL drop-in replacement used by the big guys like Google and Wikipedia for critical mission applications.

CloudLinux OS

With CloudLinux Operating System, you can ensure that your server will stay up under intense & traffic spikes.

CageFS Hacker Protection

CageFS Hacker Protection, preventing any individual user from seeing any other users on the server.

Lightning Fast Hosting

We provide Fast, Secure, Reliable Hosting that grows with your business & keeps your website up.


Hot Link Protection

With Hotlink protection,images and files in your website can be protected from being linked directly by other sites.

Custom Error Pages

With in built tools of cPanel, you can create you very own error page from the control panel itself.

SSH access

Secure Shell (SSH) is a UNIX-based command interface and protocol for securely getting access to a remote server.

Fastest Server Monitoring

We are fanatic about monitoring the health of our servers and network, and maximizing uptime.

Power Redundancy

We provide ultra-redundant power and networking systems with no single point of failure.

Network Security

All customer environments are isolated and secured at the network level.


R1Soft’s Continuous Data Protection (CDP) technology to backup your entire website securely and offsite every eight hours. This feature is included at no extra cost on every Genius Host account.

Direct cPanel backup restore functionality allows you to restore your own files quickly and easily without contacting Genius Host Support.

  • 30 Day R1Soft CDP Backups
  • Multi-Point Replication
  • Innovative Web Interface
  • End-to-End Strong Encryption


Email management within cPanel gives a lot of tools to customers who want to host their own email. Account creation, deletion, forwarding, and access can all be done within the email control panel.

This allows you to work around your email accounts and perform the tasks around it.

  • POP/IMAP/Webmail
  • MX Record Modifications
  • Anti-spam protection
  • E-Mail Autoresponders and Forwards


Our monitoring systems and tools allow us to get an expansive view into the health of our hosting infrastructure. We monitor a large number of parameters related to the health of our servers as well as the differirent services that reside on them.

  • Web Services - HTTP, HTTPS & FTP Monitoring
  • Email Service – SMTP, POP & IMAP Monitoring
  • Database Services – MySQL Monitoring
  • DNS Services Monitoring
  • Network Connectivity Monitoring


CloudFlare is a free service that accelerates and secures your website by acting as a proxy between your visitors and GeniusHost servers. With CloudFlare, you can protect your website against malicious visitors, save bandwidth and reduce average page load times.

CloudFlare acts as a proxy between your visitors and GeniusHost’s servers, caching content and filtering malicious traffic before it hits the server, improving your website’s overall performance and security.

  • Improved Site Performance
  • Bot and Threat Protection
  • Spam Comments Protection
  • Infected Computer Alerts



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Genius Host, established in 2012, is a privately held company that has been helping businesses establish an online presence by taking care of all their web presence requirements. We host websites catering to business of all sizes, professionals and home users.

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