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High speed connectivity network

We utilize a redundant routing architecture including hardware failover


Our Cisco powered network in our Montreal datacenter has one of the most sophisticated network infrastructures capable of handling any sized client. With any of our clients' requirements, we have the necessary infrastructure to support the requested Internet connection from our site.


Genius Host, is the fastest Canadian web hosting provider offering first class support and uptime. Our name-brand servers are housed within top tier datacenters in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


Our servers are hosted in a maximum security data center with 24/7 on-site security personnel, multiple independent fiber carriers, uninterruptible power supply, and multiple layers of redundancy.


You can upgrade your account at any time. It is free to upgrade, and the only charge you would be responsible for is the price difference between your current plan and the plan to which you'd like to upgrade.


Genius Host is a professional hosting provider. We are one of the few hosting providers that actually offer affordable Shared Hosting with instant setup. there is no need to wait hours to host your website.


With over 36Gbps of capacity, Genius Host delivers a genuine ISP redundant network. Our distribution network is 100% Cisco, while our edge routers run on solid Juniper hadware. This combination allows us to ensure an optimal network environment. Our private datacenter space in Montreal has been developed in order to maintain the highest level of redundancy and efficiency for our customers. The requirements for a Tier 3 datacenter require us to maintain a high level of redundancy on different aspects such as power, cooling and telecommunications. In order to maintain the Tier 3 compliancy, we also have numerous security measures in place.

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