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Available TLDs

TLD Years Register Renew Transfer
.com 1-yr $14.50 $14.50 $14.50
.net 1-yr $17.00 $17.00 $17.00
.org 1-yr $17.00 $17.00 $17.00
.in 1-yr $9.50 $9.50 $9.50
.co.in 1-yr $7.50 $7.50 $7.50
.info 1-yr $6.00 $15.00 $15.00
.eu 1-yr $33.00 $33.00 $33.00
.xyz 1-yr $13.50 $13.50 $13.50
.pw 1-yr $3.50 $12.50 $12.50
.co 1-yr $33.00 $33.00 $33.00
.pro 1-yr $6.00 $19.00 $19.00

Domain Registration Service

Find Your Perfect Domain Name

Online success starts with a great domain From $12.50. Domains are more than just addresses for your websites, they're also your online brand, which is why choosing the right one is so important.

domain theft protection
Free Domain Theft Protection

Protect your Domain from being transferred out accidentally or without your permission with our free Theft Protection.

technical support
24/7 Technical Support

With our round-the-clock support team, we're dedicated to making our customers happy. Our experienced technical support representatives are here to help.

dns management
Free DNS management

DNS service allows you to manage your DNS records on our globally distributed and highly redundant DNS infrastructure.

domain forwarding
Free Domain Forwarding

Point your domain name to another website for free! Redirect users when they type your domain name into a browser (with/without domain masking & SEO).


Keep personal information safely locked away As low as $3.50/yr per domain. Your personal information stays private while you maintain complete ownership and control of your domain. This service is available for all .COM, .CO, .NET, .ORG, and .INFO domains.

While a domain name is not necessary to have a website, it is recommended. Whether you are creating a family website or a business website, having a domain name allows your site to be more easily found and remembered.

While there is no requirement, registering your domain name with more than one extension protects your name. This also guarantees that you don't lose traffic due to mistaken extension just because someone decided to type in .net instead of .com.

Be VERY careful when registering your domain name. Once you purchase your domain, it is registered for the extent of your selected registration term and the order is non-refundable.

Your domain name is registered in your name. So long as it has active DNS entries, all the required fees are paid and kept current, and it's not in breach of any law or regulation, nobody else can either use it or take it without your consent.

From the time you change the DNS on your domain name to point to our name servers it will take approximately 12-24 hours for the change to propagate throughout the Internet and become active. During this time your website may be down until the change has fully propagated through the Internet.


  • This promotion applies to New Registrations valid for one year only. Domains registered for two years will be charged at 1 Year Promo Price + 1 Year Regular Slab Pricing
  • This promo is not applicable on Transfer-Ins or Renewals

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